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Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year


A Partnership Celebrating Outstanding Teachers!

The Warren Consolidated Schools Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year awards are given annually to honor teachers who have achieved the highest standards of excellence in their profession. These awards are created out of a conviction that quality public education is essential to our community.

Based on the measures provided by the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD), teachers were nominated by their colleagues, administrators, students, and parents. Once the nominations were received, the nominees were asked to submit a “Teacher Testimony” that focused on Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. A panel of judges made up of administrators, teachers, and parents spent time reading the testimonies and choosing a winner..

2015/2016 Winners:

Kerri LaDuke - Hatherly Educational Center

Jessica Wendt - Carleton Middle School

Scott Acre - Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center

Past Winners:

The 2014/15 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners:
Michelle Clarke - Fillmore Year-Round Elementary School
Cayna Carnes - Beer Middle School
Robert Lindsay - Sterling Heights High School

The 2013/14 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners:
Amy Trandell - Fillmore Year-Round Elementary School
Jennifer LaBar - Flynn Middle School
Angie Sambanis-Olstyn - Cousino High School

The 2012/13 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners:
Sheryl Winchester, Cromie Elementary School
Roxanne Petrovitch, Flynn Middle School
Amber Williamson, Sterling Heights High School

The 2011/12 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners: Julie Coldicott, Lean Elementary School
Carey Mason, Carter Middle School
Kelly Lucas, Sterling Heights High School

The 2010/11 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners: Elizabeth Zyrek, Jefferson Elementary School
Molly Gale, Carter Middle School
Jody Alt, Sterling Heights High School

The 2009/10 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners: Kimberly Opsasnick, Harwood Elementary School
Miqual Kaminski, Flynn Middle School
Christine Kincaid-Dewey, Macomb Mathematics, Science, and Technology Center (MMSTC)

The 2008/09 Outstanding Teacher-of-the-Year Award Winners: Kim Viviano , Cromie Elementary School
Betty Rinehart, Grissom Middle School
Amy Koelsch, Sterling Heights High School



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