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Third Grade Curriculum

Kids First

Looking to stay connected to your child’s learning?   Check out these helpful websites to support the home to school connection.  Some additional website resources may be available on individual building websites as well.  As always, please practice appropriate internet safety protocols when accessing these sites.

 -Office of Curriculum and Instruction Staff

Cross Curricular

Subject Areas Addressed:  Reading, Science & Social Studies.
Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Eighth Grade - This website offers information resources such as articles and images on a wide range of topics.

Subject Areas Addressed:  Reading, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies. 
Target Audience: Third through Eighth Grade - This website offers information resources such as articles and images on a wide range of topics.

Target Audience:  All grade levels- This site has on-line skill-drill games for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Race against the computer or set up a password protected race between friends


Target Audience: K-5 Students and Parents - This site includes on-line student text; learning animations and tutorials; extra practice; and interactive learning opportunities. Classroom issued student user name and password required.

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Tenth Grade, Algebra & Geometry Students - This site contains written explanations of problem solving procedures and supporting worksheets.

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Eighth Grade - This site contains written explanations of problem solving procedures and interactive practice.

Reading & Writing

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Fifth Grade - This website offers some incredible suggestions for parents to use when working with their child to strengthen literacy skills and build strong work/study habits.  

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Third Grade - This dynamic website helps students strengthen early literacy skills. Topics include:  Letter Identification, sound Identification, vocabulary & word study skills.

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Fifth Grade - This website helps students learn their weekly spelling words while having fun at the same time.


Target Audience:  Kindergarten through fifth grade and beyond.
  Very cool, must see website.  Five skill levels of interactive play incorporated with fascinating space facts.

Target Audience:  All ages.
  Amazing pictures and videos of animals, Cool activities such as make at home science Halloween costumes, people and places, games, photos and stories from around the world.  Another must see site for parents, grandparents, and children.

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through middle school.
The official kids portal for the U. S. government and its agencies.  Government agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Forestry Service just to mention a few provide fun activities to help students learn about science.

Target Audience:  All ages.
  Activities from the PBS show Zoom created by kids for kids.

Target Audience:  All ages.
  A virtual tour of the national zoo with amazing photos of animals from all around the world.

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Senior Citizens. 
The official website for the ever popular “science guy” contains many videos and activities for children to do at home alone and with adult supervision.

Social Studies

Target Audience:  Kindergarten through Eighth Grade - This website has a handful of games that cover a wide range of topics in social studies, science, math & language arts.  Games include Olympics, flags of the world, holidays and U.S. presidents.

Target Audience: Kindergarten through Eighth Grade - This site is a great reference that provides maps, documents, timelines and facts about cities, countries and different religions.


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