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  Western Michigan Universityfor Undergraduate Degree and Saginaw Valley State University for Master's Degree.
  8 Years in WCS. I have been at each of the high schools and have coached Football and Baseball. I most recently coached college football at Wayne State University.


I became the Athletic Director at Sterling Heights High School because I enjoy a challenge as well as an opportunity to make a difference.

Being an athletic director is tremendously challenging but  it also provides me with an opportunity to further my career in athletics by influencing and assisting coaches and athletes with hard-work, enthusiasm, and mentoring. 



To see young athletes develop into young adults with high character, values, morals, and work ethic, while at the same time working to develop the Stallion brand and colors into something that everyone recognizes and respects.  



My Expectation for Stallion Nation is that we need people to actively participate in events and volunteer. Elite athletic programs rely heavily on the people in the community and their willingness to sacrifice time for something bigger than themselves. 


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