Game Highlights 2017
Game 6
SHHS 0-4 cousino 

Stallions had a good first half until the let in easy goal on Kenneth. Stallions went down 1-0 at halftime. Second half the stallions just didn't play hard and let 2 goals on Thomas and a PK on Thomas from a foul from Martin Yousif

Stallions lose 4-0 

Game 7
Shhs 1-0 clawson 

Gorgees scored off a Jabron shot that deflected off a player with 2 mins left in the first half. Stallions played great. Passing was amazing. Gorgees and Jabron played great together in the midfield. 

Jabron assist 
Gorgees goal 

Game 8 
SHHS 0-0  L'ance Cruese north 

Randy Habeeb played a great game ! Our stallions played a good game but just had trouble finishing as usual. 

Game 9 
SHHS 1-2 Mott

Stallions has a sloppy first half letting in 2 east goals. Lawrence made a weak pass ending up on a Mott players foot in the 6 yard box giving him a easy shot and goal for Mott. Then our keeper Kenneth thought the ball was going over the net and the ball dropped right into the goal for motts second goal. Second half stallions came out firing ! They had 20 chances to score but only Christian hidou could get the ball in the net with 15 mins to remain in the game. 

Christian hidou. -- Goal
Jabron assist 

Game 10
SHHS 1 -0 Lamphere 

First half was 0-0 
Second half as usual the stallions  start to play better. With 11 mins left in the half we got a corner that Jabron took. On the receiving was Christian who headed the ball for the stallions goal to put them up 1-0 and to win the game !

Christian hidou goal 
Jabron assist 

Season record 
2 wins 7losses 1 tie 

Game #11

SHHS 8-0 Warren Woods Tower


The JV guys tallied an 8-0 win Friday. 
Rami Shamoon had one goal. Ramon and Snoop had there first goals of the season. Hamzah came up big again with 2 goals and an assist. 
Farat had his second straight shutout.
Amel Musanovic was the player of the game. He play great on defense and loged 40+ plus minutes his most of the season 







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