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Senior Quotes

Senior folio form

Use school code 3874 to order a yearbook. Yearbooks cost $75.

Order page

Yearbook Senior Parent Pride Ads (due Jan 5th)

Send your senior off with a personalized message of love, memories and pride in the yearbook. Includes a personal message and pictures. Parent pride ads are designed online by the parents at www.yearbookordercenter.com, School code is 3874.

Design page Ad information (PDF)

Photo Submission

Submit senior headshot to yearbook to publish today!

1. Color, glossy print 1.5 inches width by 2 inches in height

2. Frontal pose (no double exposures, no over the shoulder poses)

3. Midnight Blue background

4. Sharp, not soft focus

5. Head size is one inch (chin to top of head)

6. Students must be dressed according to dress code

7. Photos must be received by Friday, January 5, if photo was NOT taken with Prestige Studios. Try to turn in photos earlier in case retakes are needed.

Clothing Guidelines

Young men should wear a collared shirt, a jacket and tie is optional. A blouse or sweater is preferred for young women. Absolutely NO hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, varsity jackets, bare shoulders, spaghetti straps, tube tops or revealing outfits. Shoulders MUST be covered or your photo will NOT be in the yearbook!

Photo Submission to Yearbook

E-mail digital copy to: wmhsseniorpics@yahoo.com as an attachment only. Be sure to put your first and last name in the "subject" line or we will not receive your e-mail.

If you choose a different photographer, parents or students must take responsibility for making sure that the studio adheres to yearbook specifications and meets the deadline for picture submission for inclusion in the yearbook. Pictures not taken at Prestige Studios DO NOT appear on the school composite handed out at graduation and displayed in the front lobby of Warren Mott, unless arrangements are made through Prestige Studios (fee applies). Please call Prestige Studios if you would like your photo to appear in the composite.