• 2018-2019 Editors: Tara Cicilian, Holly Thomas, Orest Volchanin


    Mrs. Arcori


  • What does a yearbook staff member do?

    A yearbook staff member is responsible for designing their entire page and capturing school moments.

    What is your favorite part of yearbook?

    The people in the class, and watching the book come together.

    How would you describe the class?

    Active, enthusiastic, family.

  • How much effort do you put into your tasks?

    I give my all in everything I do. From pictures to my pages to some new surprises that will be included this year, I do my best to make everything perfect and that takes maximum effort.

    Would you recommend this class to other students?

    Yearbook is unlike any other class at Mott. We're present at every school event and some of the most spirited students around.

    What is the hardest part of being a staff member?

    The hardest part is meeting the deadlines.

    -Tara Cicilian and Orest Volchanin