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Ecology Club

Ecology club is a group of dedicated students that love the community and want to make an environmental impact. Together they can not only make Warren Mott look nice, but help replenish our environment. If you want to help impact and clean up your school join the ECOLOGY club.

No qualification needed, work at your own pace, and this is not a committed club so you don't have to stop by every meeting. If a meeting is going on and you have the time, feel free to stop by and lend a hand.

Meetings every other week and are first meeting is on 10/12/15 . This is a good place to meet some of the nicest students at Mott so if you want to make a difference or meet new people just stop by or contact Mr. Kment.

Up Dates!!

First meeting/intro is on 10/12/15.

Meetings will now be held every other Thursday.

Second meeting on 10/29/15



Mr. Kment

With years of experience working with students, Mr. Kment is one of Warren Mott's most popular teachers. With his great personality, Kment implements values with his students that help them become better members of society. When asked why he should be in charge of the Ecology Club, he humbly said he had no qualifications, and rather it was his willpower that would allow him to lead the students who heroically sacrifice their day help the environment.

Kment's Roles

  • Organize meetings
  • Assign the tasks that need to be done
  • Organize dates
  • Nominate Leaders
  • Fill out community service papers




Student Objectives

Students will be helping run various tasks around Warren Mott from cleaning the halls to helping plant new trees at the front. These tasks will be completed in groups. Essentially if you and your friends have time to kill why not spend it doing something that would help improve your school. None of the tasks are mandatory and there are a wide variety of jobs to do so everyone can have an opportunity. Also time spent in this club counts towards your community service hours.

Examples of tasks

Plant trees in the front

Hang up posters

Clean up the halls

Decorate classrooms








Why is Ecology Club important to you?

"It provides an opportunity for students to interact and meet other students who want to help the environment" - Jannatul

"Informs students about how to help the environment" - Fatah

"Recycling is important" - Franny

"It is important because it helps our school and environment" - Madiha


What is your favorite thing about the club?

"Experience I had" - Rowhon

"You get to help your school and the environment" - Jannatul

"Working with others" - Fatah

"The Team Work" - Madiha



What would you say to potential members?

"Join because we need people and it looks good on collage applications" - Rowhon

"Join! it's a fun club" - Jannatul

"Do the work with a whole heart, not just for the transcript" - Madiha