Sample Events

Air Trajectory

teams will design and create a single device capable of launching projectiles into a target and collect data regarding device parameters and performance.

Electric Vehicle

Teams must design, build and test one vehicle that uses electrical energy as its sole means of propulsion to travel as quickly as possible and stop close to a Target Point.

Bridge Building

Teams will design and build the lightest bridge with the highest structural efficiency that can span a given opening meeting the requirements given.



Electric Car



Bridge Building






Wind Power


Teams will show an understanding of the basic concepts of math and physics relating to stellar evolution and star and planet formation.

Dynamic Planet

Teams will use NGSS science and engineering practices to complete tasks related to physical and geological oceanography.

Wind Power

Teams will build a blade assembly that consists of any kind of propeller/pinwheel/rotor attached to a CD which will be used to capture wind power. Students will also be tested on their knowledge relating to alternative energy.


There are a wide variety of events during the Science Olympiad that span over sciences such as astronomy and biology. the project assessed to each event will differ depending on the science's aspects and the decided limitations on such science by the organization that runs the science olympiad.



Brian Aiosa Leah Berdy
Jordan Cooper Scott Brozowski
Stephanie Cooper Max Cooper
Laura Hayes Jacob Hillock
Kellie Mahrle




Main Team:

Shadman Ahmed Thayyid Ahmed Shanaz Akther
Anthony Banet Dalya Benyamen Amber Brozowski
David Bruesehoff Faizan Chowdhury Fardin Chowdhury
Macauley Cooper Tahmid Faiz Brian Georgis
Rizwan Hayder Akqib Hussain Evan Jackovich
Luciano Marinaj Sean McWilliams Kenneth Moreno
Matthew Koppman Emma Juco Sanjeda Khan
Jason Le Amya Leak Nabil Mahdi
Ralph Nestorowicz Phu Nguyen Tanvir Rezah
Syeda Salma Nishat Samiha John Stchur
Leah Stchur Humaira Tasnin Brandon Torrie
Tasnim Uddin Moehammed Yousuf


Fun Facts



The average human body carries ten times more bacterial cells than human cells




The known universe is made up of 50,000,000,000 galaxies. There are between 100,000,000,000 and 1,000,000,000,000 stars in a normal galaxy. In the Milky Way alone there might be as many 100 billion Earth-like planets. Still think you’re alone?




If Betelgeuse would explode transiting from the red super giant stage to supernova then our sky would light continuously for two months. It can happen anytime, within a couple of thousand years, tomorrow or even now




At over 2000 kilometers long, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth