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Student Leadership at Community High School...


Mr. deCardenas Mr. Jeff deCardenas: Staff Leadership Sponsor
You may reach Mr. deCardenas at 586-825-2900 Ext. 29305


What describes Student Leadership at Community High School?

  • CHS Leadership students will assist in Blessing in a Backpack program
  • CHS Leadership students will demonstrate their ability to lead both within the class and the overall school setting
  • CHS Leadership students will demonstrate their generosity by designing fundraisers and volunteering their time helping different community outreach programs
  • CHS Leadership students will form committees within class and after school to propose new school/leadership events
  • CHS Leadership students will make contacts and connections with the community for donations and sponsorships for school related functions
  • CHS Leadership students will earn community service hours toward graduation

Student Involvement

  • NEW Please read a note from Mr. deCardenas, our school's Leadership teacher:

    I want to thank everyone for participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser that we ran the last two weeks.  We are finalizing the paperwork to submit our donations and get the "Olive Garden" incentive taken care of.
    Overall Building donations:   $249
    The 4th hour class that won the class competition was:  Mrs. West with over $150 dollars. 
    Again, I thank all students and staff that participated in this fundraiser.  The graciousness of all is quite impressive and goes to a great cause.
    Thank you again

  • Students at Community High School are actively involved with Blessings in a Backpack. Check them out!
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