Parade: Thursday, Oct. 17th

Game: Friday, Oct. 18th

Dance: Saturday, Oct. 19th

at Cousino High School


Guest Applications

All non-Cousino student dates need to fill out a guest past and submit it for approval to the Cousino Administration by October 11, 2013.


Ticket Sales - Cost: $15

Tickets are available during all lunches in rm 26. You must have your ID present when purchasing a ticket.

Oct. 1st Seniors A-L

Oct. 2nd Seniors M-Z

Oct. 3rd Juniors A-L

Oct. 4th Juniors M-Z

Oct. 7th Sophomores A-L

Oct. 8th Sophomores M-Z

Oct. 9th Freshmen A-L

Oct. 10th Freshmen M-Z

Oct. 11th-Oct 17th all grades



Homecoming Court


Court Nominations-

    Court nominations will take place the week of September 23rd-27th.
    • Court voting will take place on the week of October 14th-18th.  
    • Court will be announced on Friday, October 11th.
    • Court luncheon on Tuesday, October 15th during members’ lunches.


Spirit Days - Week of October 14th- 18th

Monday: “Manic Monday”- mix match colors, go crazy “wacky day”
Tuesday: “Trooper Tuesday”- camouflage, military stuff ( NO HATS, NO EYE BLACK, NO FAKE GUNS)
Wednesday: “Got Skills”- wear the Got Skills t-shirt for your grade
Thursday: “Throwback Thursday”- toddler wear, no pacifiers or diapers, dress code appropriate pajamas acceptable
Friday: “Class Color Day”
-Seniors: Red and Yellow
-Juniors: Blue and Green
-Sophomores: Purple and White
-Freshmen: Orange and Black

*DRESS CODE IS APPLIED TO ALL OF SPIRIT WEEK* No short shorts, no face paint. Bandanas worn appropriately are acceptable.

Homecoming Parade - Thursday, October 17th, 2:45 PM (after school). We will be going south down Hoover, right onto Common, down Campbell to 13 mile road, and back to Cousino.

Float Themes:

Freshman: Finding Nemo

Sophomores: Up

Juniors: Monster's Inc.

Seniors: Toy Story

Homecoming Pep Rally - Friday, Ocober 18th, 2PM - 3:30 PM.

During part of 6th hour & after school (you must provide your own transportation home). Sign-up sheet for the games can be found inside the leadership room.


Homecoming Game - Friday, October 18th - 7:00PM Cousino Stadium.


Homecoming Dance- Saturday, October 19th - 7-10PM, Cousino Cafetorium (use the Athletic Entrance). $15 per person.

    • There will be a photo booth ($3).
    • Must be wearing shoes at ALL times during the dance.
    • Must have ID in order to buy a ticket. Bring ID to dance with ticket for admission
    • Fines must be paid when you come to buy a ticket (if paid, must have a receipt).

Homecoming Contact:
Angie Sambanis-Olstyn
Student Activities Director
Cousino High School

586-574-3100 ext. 12018

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