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Why this site?

This site was developed for use primarily for those students who are currently registered for the Art Foundations course at one of the Warren Consolidated School District high schools. Though the content is targeted for current students, all students, parents and teachers are welcome here. Current students will find information on each unit of study, current projects, quiz questions, art galleries. Teachers will find a resource page with information valuable to them. Parents may use the site to keep abreast of what their student is learning and see some student art.

What students should take the Art Foundations course?

The Art Foundation Course is the entry level course into the the Warren Consolidated School Districts' visual arts curriculum. It is a required course for all art students. It is also the course that any student should take if they need a fine arts credit for graduation.

What is the course about?

The course is based on the Elements and Priciples of Design. These are widely used in the instruction of the visual arts across the country. They provide a standard vocablulary for visual art and design instruction. The course is divided into units based on each of the Elements of Design. Line, Shape, Value, Space, Color, Texture and Form. Within each unit there is a least one major art project related to the respective Element of Design. The Principles of Design which are concepts such as; balance, movement, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, unity variety, contrast are discussed within each unit as they may apply.

Projects are designed to give students a wide range of media experiences. Students may instructed in the specific techniques related to two dimensional art such as: pencil, colored pencil, pastel, oil crayon, ink, watercolor, tempera, etc. Though the is an emphasis on two dimensional art; there will also be some 3 dimensional experience as well. Three dimensional art could include working with clay, papier mache, metal, glass or plaster.

The course is a semester course. Once it is completed successfully stundents are encourage to take advanced art courses which might include Drawing and Painting, Three Dimiensional Design, Commercial Arts/ Graphics.For the serious minded and college bound art students there are Stuido Art and AP Art courses offered.




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