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Element of Design: Form

Form is very similar to the element of design shape. The difference is that the term is form is used in art work that has three dimensions instead of two as shapes. The three dimensions are length, width and depth.

Geometric Forms

As with geometric shapes. geometric forms are based on mathematical descriptions. Since they are three dimesnsional (3D) instead of two dimensional, they are objects such as cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres. They are often the type of form that man made objects are constructed with.

Examples of geometric forms


Free-form or Organic Forms

Organic forms are irregular and are the type of forms that most things in nature are. Cloud formations, mountains, trees and bushes are all relatively free- form. animals and even humans tend to be more free- form too, as they are ever changing forms.

Examples of free-form or organic forms


    Three Dimensional (3D) Media

    Sculpture is the term most often used for art that is made using three dimensional media. Media (plural) or medium (singular), by the way, means the material that is used to make art. Here are some common media used for 3D design

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  • clay
  • wood
  • stone
  • cast metal
  • sheet metal
  • wire
  • string
  • cardboard
  • fibers
  • cloth
  • plaster
  • papier mache