Career preparation for lifelong mobility and advancement, coupled with a performance-driven, industry-focused academic program, is vital to our nation's economic survival. Career Technical Education provides such a program.

Technical and service industries have traditionally been the foundation of the economy of the United States, accounting for the majority of our economic activity. Service industry workers influence our lives every day. They are the owners and employees of the restaurants that we dine in, the companies who build our cars and service them, the health care workers who keep our bodies and minds healthy, as well as the construction and tradesmen who build our homes, offices, and the schools in which we work. Technically trained employees supply us with the machines that make the country run, keep our production lines moving and solve our computer problems. They work in hospital radiology labs, make prosthetic limbs and design the parts for our industries.

As supporters of Career Technical Education for all, we know how important it is to honor the students in our programs.

All schools have their valedictorians, their quarterbacks and their performing arts stars who receive accolades for their skills. Career Tech students are not necessarily those students; instead, they find their reward in the CTE classroom, achieving excellence through the performance of a hands-on skill. These are the students that we wish to encourage and celebrate.

The Macomb Intermediate School District, along with county Career Technical Education Directors, has joined with WOMC and WYCD to promote awareness of the CTE students who excel in their fields. A committee reviews nominations and chooses the best of the best. Together with local business partners, a $500.00 scholarship is awarded to one outstanding student every month for their continued education at the college, university or trade school of their choice. WOMC and WYCD promote the program and announce the CTE Student of the Month awardees. Winners are also recognized at the annual MCTEAA award banquet that is held each February.

These students are the future of our county, state and national economic stability. We honor them and wish them well.