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Hatherly's Mission Statement

We, at Hatherly Elementary School, believe that all children can learn.  We  will work with our community to create a positive environment in which all  children will maximize their potential.  We will facilitate the development  of our children so that they will become lifelong learners and responsible, contributing citizens within our global community.

Need for a Collaborative Culture

Creating a collaborative culture is the single most important factor for successful school improvement initiatives and the first order of business for those seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their schools.

-Eastwood and Lewis

Advantages of Teachers Working in
Collaborative Teams

  • Gains in Student Achievement

  • Higher Quality Solutions to Problems

  • Increased Confidence Among All Staff

  • Teachers Able to Support One Another's Strengths and Accommodate Weaknesses

  • Ability to Test New Ideas

  • More Support for New Teachers

  • Expanded Pool of Ideas, Materials, Methods

-Judith Warren Little


PLC Mondays

On Monday mornings, the Hatherly Staff works collaboratively to
answer the following questions that drive our PLC teams:

1.  What do we expect our students to learn?

2.  How will we know when students have learned it?

3.  How will we respond when students don't learn?

4.  How will we respond when students have learned?


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