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LANGUAGE ARTS  (Reading, Writing, and Spelling)

Spellingcity (1-5)

Students can look up class spelling lists and practice the words by playing games.  To see if your teacher is registered on Spelling City, click "Find a List" and type your teacher's name in the search term box.

Star fall (K-2)

This website allows children to practice their phonics reading skills through a variety of interactive books.

Funbrain (2-5)

This site offers stories that can be read online, as well as interactive "Mad Libs" that allow students to write silly stories while helping them to practice parts of speech.

Eduplace Language Arts (K-5)

Part of our reading series, this site has information on our weekly stories and their authors.

PBS Kids - Arthur (K-2)

Based on the "Arthur" book series, this site has a variety of games and printables to help your child practice their skills in a fun way.

Book Adventure (2-5)

This site allows students to take interactive quizzes to help them find new books they may enjoy reading.

BBC Words and Pictures Website (K-2)

This site has a variety of interactive activities and printables to help students with basic phonics skills.

Phonics Year-by-Year (K-2)

This website has several games to help students practice their phonics skills.

Scholastic (2-5)

A site for older kids, students can find book recommendations, author information, games, and videos all related to books and reading.

Jan Brett (K-2)

This site focuses on author Jan Brett, with games, videos, and printables based on her books.

Dr. Seuss (K-2)

A website featuring the works of Dr. Seuss, with games, printables, and activities based on his books.

First Grade Reading Backpack (K-2)

A list of sites compiled by a 1st grade teacher, it has links to sites that help students with a variety of skills learned in lower elementary school.

Literacy Center (K-2)

This site helps students to interactively improve their letter, color, shape, and number recognition skills, as well as their writing, typing, and spelling skills.

Phonics Games for Home

This site offers a variety of ideas for games you can play at home (without the computer) to help your child improve their phonics skills.



Revised 02/22/12