Of Mice and Men: A Study of Mice and Learning

Do caffeine, protein, amount of light, and classical music affect a mouse's learning of a maze? A four-factor statistical design of experiment format was used to determine factor effects and factor interactions. Sixteen male mice were split into four separate groups to monitor each mouse's combination of factors and fed carefully supervised diets. Each mouse was placed in a maze four times after instituting the factors and his progress was timed.

The results showed protein having the largest impact in decreasing times. The two-factor combination which was the greatest contributor to the decrease of time was light and music. Overall, no caffeine, protein supplements, no overhead lighting, and no classical music led to the greatest percent decrease in times. The original hypothesis of caffeine, protein supplements, no overhead lighting, and classical music was not proven to be the best combination.

Research Done By:

Maryelsa Anita D'Souza
Sterling Heights High School

Emily Meyer
Sterling Heights High School