Water Pollution: An In-Depth Study

The purpose of Ebbole-Herrera's experiment was to test samples of water from various locations to determine the chemical content of each. To find this, the group used test strips that tested for the amount of free chlorine, total chlorine, copper, and iron and also for the levels of alkalinity, hardness and pH. After using the test strips and taking an average of the results, the group determined that all of the samples of water were safe for drinking. Nine of the ten samples were considered to be hard water; however, this only affects the water's ability to sudd. The group acknowledged that they did not test for all of the chemicals that could be found in water, but based on the chemicals they did test for, the water was safe.

Research Done By:

Katherine Ebbole, Cousino High School

Roselle Herrera, Cousino High School