The Effect of Ultraviolet Light On Plants

The purpose if this investigation was to determine the physical effects of ultraviolet radiation (from a light source) on bean plants. A three-factor Design of Experiment was constructed, the three factors being Bean Seed Type, UV Level, and Soil Type. Eight planted seeds were placed in a biological chamber, then given time to germinate. After sprouting, the plants were treated with the light for 6 hours every night and water was given in a need basis. The results of the experiment show that UVB light causes a plant to wilt and die. UVA light, on the other hand, does not affect them physically. They grew like plants would in a normal atmosphere. In concluding, the experimenters hope that UVB rays do not strike the surface of the earth more than they do right now. If it is deadly to plants, then it could be deadly to animals as well.

Research Done By:

Autumn Pavlick
Fraser High School

Sherilyn Russell
Cousino High School