Menstruation and Respiration

The purpose of the experimentation run by the research team of Atchison-Marasco was to determine if there was any link between respiration in women, and their menstrual cycle. To prove this connection, fifteen women were tested. Five of the women had asthma, five had allergies, and five had no known respiratory problems. The average peak flow was measured for each of these women, before and after a minute and a half of exertion. Testing ran twice a week for four weeks.

Atchison and Marasco converted their data into z-scores, and then ran separate DOE's using the z-scores. Based on the data gathered, there seems to be no link between respiration and the menstrual cycle. Because of these findings, Atchison and Marasco must disprove both of the previously stated hypothesis concerning menstruation and respiration. The research group is not happy with these findings, and would run additional experimentation if time allowed.

Research Done By:

Kelly Atchison
Center Line High School

Erin Marasco
Cousino High School