Teenage Physical Fitness

Problem: How does physical fitness affect both a person's physical and mental well being?

Preliminary Hypothesis: If the designed workout is both fun and easy to follow then the body will reach its full potential for physical and mental well being.


  1. Randomly select two students from 9th, 10th, and 11th grade for experimentation.
  2. Fill out questionnaire on physical fitness to receive participants opinions.
  3. Discuss the workouts and the data that will be recorded (pulse rate).
  4. Calculate Target Heart Rate for each participant 5) Start segments of first fitness tape.
  5. Take pulse after each segment and record it.
  6. Repeat step five until all segments for the day are completed.
  7. Compile all data from the day and place in a table.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 twice a week for four weeks. (NOTE: Each week a different tape will be used).
  9. After each week have participants fill out a new questionnaire.
  10. After all data has been collected, do a statistical analysis on each week's workout. (This will help determine which workout produced the best results).
  11. Continue on with written report.

Materials: Six students (9th, 10th, & 11th grades), Four different workout tapes, Video Camera, Blank video tapes, Research room for workout, Water/cups, Poster Board, Towels, Calculator, Computer, Stopwatch

Conclusion: We might find difficulty getting the full student participation that we need since most students do not want to get sweaty at school. We hope to determine the perfect workout for the everyday person.

Research Done By:

Jennifer Bauman
Fitzgerald High School

Amy Link
Warren Mott High School