Amazing Aminos

Burke-McMahon's purpose, in doing this experiment, was to find the best combination for the three factors, A (with or without amino acids), B (male or female), C (participation in a fall sport), would produce the best results in the muscle growth of humans. They got their results from a DOE. Their hypothesis was disproved when the subject that was a female, with amino acids, and in a fall sport got the best results of a 15% increase in the amount of weight she improved. Burke-McMahon also found that the factor that had the greatest impact was the participation in a fall sport. The one thing that Burke-McMahon can prove beyond a doubt is, the duration of the experiment has to be longer to get more decisive results. Burke-McMahon concluded if the experiment was run longer, the best factors for weight training could have been determined.

Research Done By:

Bruce Burke
Fitzgerald High School

Rob McMahon
Warren Mott High School