Learning in Your Sleep?

The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether or not listening to a tape during sleep would be beneficial to learning. In other words, whether people would retain information presented to them during sleep. The experiment was a designed as a three-factor Design of Experiment, with gender, state of consciousness, and Spanish experience as its factors. Eight combinations were made with the factors to test which combination would produce the student with the most words learned. The most words learned resulted from the male, awake, with previous Spanish experience. This disproved the hypothesis of the female, awake, with previous Spanish experience. However, the difference in our hypothesis was only in gender. From our experiment, we can conclude that people learn better when they are awake, yet falling asleep to a tape would be helpful in reinforcing what a person already knows, but possibly teaching something new. Nonetheless, using a tape as the only means of study would not be recommended.

Research Done By:

Hilary Cosgro
Sterling Heights High School

Chaitali Kapadia
Warren Mott High School