Human Memory

The purpose of this experiment was to determine which factors effect memory. The factors tested were absence or presence of visual aids, repetitions, and the absence or presence of distractions. Other factors that were observed include the subject's state of health and the subject's strategy used to remember the words in the correct order.

The experimentation room was set up to mimic a room in which a typical high school student may study in. An additional classroom was used for the standard trials. For each of the 55 subjects tested, their individual number of words correctly recalled was recorded. The five sets of data were then averaged to help eliminate the noise and then analyzed using the design of experiment.

Repetition had the greatest effect on the results followed by presence of distractions. Visual aids had no effect on the results. If the subject used a mental strategy to help them remember the words in the correct order generally they performed better. In addition, if the subject was feeling physically ill or feeling emotions, such as anger or depression, they generally performed worse.

Research Done By:

Meghan Drummond
Cousino High School

Jennifer Stephens
Warren Mott High School