The investigational purpose for the nutrition research project was to discover whether a high protein or a high carbohydrate diet would produce the highest levels of energy, alertness, and concentration. Five subjects were selected to follow two set diets for three weeks each. The first, consisted of a high protein low carbohydrate menu, while the second was the opposite. At the end of each week, the subjects' energy levels were evaluated, and they were given tests to determine their alertness and concentration. The results, according to a test of significant outcomes, were conclusive that the only significant difference found was that a high carbohydrate diet improved the concentration levels of the subjects. It was determined that a large amount of noise was involved with the tests and with the diets themselves which obviously directly effected the results. However, when the graphs were compared, it was ascertained that the carbohydrate diet overall improved the energy, alertness, and concentration of the diet.

Research Done By:

George Nakhleh
Warren Mott High School

Kim Roers
Warren Mott High School