The Effects of Caffeine, Vitamin C, and Potassium on Teenage Male Blood Pressure

A group of ten subjects were selected on a survey consisting of questions on health, fitness, diet, and other extraneous factors to provide a sample with as little variation as possible. Each subject was either given dosages of caffeine, vitamin C, potassium, a combination of these factors, or neither vitamin C or potassium to see if any of these factors had an effect on diastolic or systolic blood pressure. Results were based on the weekly measurements taken for each subject. Vitamin C was found to have a major effect on the lowering of long-term systolic blood pressure. The combination of vitamin C and potassium, along with vitamin C alone appeared to have an effect on the lowering of long-term diastolic blood pressure. Caffeine produced an effect in increasing the short-term systolic blood pressure mildly and the short-term diastolic blood pressure considerably.

Research Done By:

Heather Ballard

Wanda Lau