Effect of Herbicides on Worms

Herbicides have become more prominent in America as we use them to enhance appearance and to help cultivate other plants. It was unknown if herbicides had any effect on non-plant life, and if this effect was serious enough to effect humans. The experiment set out to determine if herbicides had any effect on killing non plant life represented by worms. It was determined that herbicides do affect non-plant life, but in a small scale. The best setting for worms to survive is a cold temperature, with no fertilizer present, and use of generic herbicide. The type of commercial herbicide used did not vary the results. This information shows the use of commercial herbicides have had no effect on humans, but will have effects on lower forms of life if not applied at field rates predetermined by the manufacturer.

Research Done By:

Ferdous Barlaskar
Warren Mott

Brian Chung