Effects of Household Contaminants on Fish

The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the type of household contaminants, the type of fish, and the substrate, have any effect on the fish. We investigated this by running a three factor D.O.E. This consisted of setting up six fish tanks with nine fish in each. We added a half ounce of Tide to tanks 3 and 4 and a half ounce of Tilex to tanks 5 and 6 every day for a week. The results of the investigation were that Tide and Tilex had no effect on the fish. However, in greater concentrations these pollutants have the potential for serious harm. The goal should be to keep levels of household pollutants to a minimum, and hopefully the real world will mimic the results of our experiment. We can conclude that if these pollutants got into the environment in similar concentrations there would be little or no effect.

Research Done By:

Nicholas Kouri
Lake Shore High School

Michael Pierce
Sterling Heights High School