Resisting the Resistance

To test the antibiotic resistance of bacteria under various modified environments, the research team of Maurer, Mishra, and Ross experimented with varying the environmental conditions for growing bacteria. They ran a four-factor statistical Design of Experiment. The four factors tested were type of bacteria, type of antibiotic, temperature, and potency of antibiotics. Each trial was carefully set up each day with the correct dosage of antibiotics. After being exposed to antibiotics for twenty-four hours, the zone of inhibition was carefully measured using a Vernier Caliper.

After experimenting and analyzing the results, the researchers discovered that their hypothesis was proven incorrect since the best results were achieved with Bacillis cereus with one disk of penicillin at forty degrees Celsius for three weeks. The researchers concluded that this should be further analyzed by medical professionals to determine which conditions will cause future antibiotic resistance, so it can be effectively treated.

Research Done By:

Kimberly Maurer

Deepa Mishra

Scott Ross