A Study of E Coli Growth on Meat Products

Puzzonia and Yruma researched the growth of Escheria coli bacteria in ground beef. They found that with an internal meat temperature of 175o F, 5 days incubation period, and prepared the beef by frying it, the best results were obtained. The experimenter's hypothesis was partially correct. Puzzonia and Yruma believed that the best results could be obtained with an internal meat temperature of 175o F, 1 day incubation period, and prepare the beef by frying. The experimenter's used a three factor Design of Experiment in which E. coli cultures were grown in a luria agar before the experiment. This agar was then injected into the meat. The E. coli was incubated in the the meat for a set amount of time, and the measured result was the number of colonies in the meat after the experimentation. Puzzonia and Yruma had found that with a higher internal temperature, the greater number of bacteria colonies were killed. All four trials that had A+ (175o F) as a factor all had produced traces of E. coli bacteria.

Research Done By:

Lisa Puzzonia
Cousino High School

Edward Yruma
Cousino High School