Do You Hear What I Hear?

Research has shown that music produces a definite inward response. However, there is no evidence that it produces an outward response. We decided to test how music affects brain stimulation, and therefore reaction time, using the factors of age, octave, harmonics, and recognizability. Using a four-factor Design of Experiment, we tested ninth and twelfth grade, high and low octave, major and minor keys, and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and thirds of a scale. The test subject was asked to flip a switch connected to a timer after hearing a designated computer program of music. Our hypothesis stated that if a twelfth grade student hears "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in a high octave and a relative minor key, then the fastest reaction time will occur. Using statistical analysis according to DOE format, our hypothesis was proven correct, and we found that age had the greatest overall effect of the four factors.

Research Done By:

Melissa Bresinski

Shuchi Narwani