So...They Say You're Crazy

Our experiment used the Word Association Test (WAT) to determine the amount of maladjustment within the personalities of various individuals. This test recognizes personality maladjustment through minor abnormalities called disturbed associations. We tested 16 people using a three-factor Design Of Experiment (DOE) setup. The factors we tested were gender, age, and religious service attendance. We hypothesized that an adult female who regularly attends religious services would show the least amount of disturbed associations, and that a teenage male who never attends religious services would show the greatest amount. Through extensive testing, our exact hypothesis was proven incorrect. However, when the individual factors were separated from each other, our results showed that adults, females, and those who regularly attend religious services each show fewer disturbed associations than their counterparts did.

Research Done By:

Meghan Goran

Bonnie Norton