Growing Pains

The goal of this experiment was to observe and record the effects of the growth hormone gibberellin (GA3), fertilizer and water temperature on the growth patterns of Bush Blue Lake Bean plants. The plants were grown from seeds and the height, in centimeters, was recorded regularly over a thirty-two day period. Water was added at the correct temperature on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while gibberellin and fertilizer, in the correct amount, was administered on the eighth and twenty-fourth days of the experiment. The gibberellin had a distinct effect on the plants, it made the stems grow longer and faster. This was a negative effect because at the end of the experiment the stems were so tall and thin that they broke in half. The fertilizer had a detrimental effect, producing sickly plants. This was due to the fact that the fertilizer was nitrogen based and this was harmful to the bean plants. It was concluded that the gibberellin and fertilizer were damaging to the bean plants.

Research Done By:

Andrea Helfer

Natalie Moran

Katherine Stojonic