Effectiveness of Preservatives

The goal of our research project was to find out which worked betterB synthetic or organic preservatives. Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Benzoate were the synthetic preservatives we tested. Garlic, Horseradish, and Sodium Chloride were the organic preservatives tested. We added different amounts of different preservatives to Luria-Bertaini broth agar, making various solutions, and then added liquid cultures of E. coli to each plate. If no bacteria was present after a 24 hour incubation period, then the preservative was considered to be successful in preventing E. coli growth. The synthetic preservative that worked at the lowest concentration was Sodium Benzoate and the organic preservative that worked at the lowest concentration was garlic. Because the units used to measure these preservatives were different and because we did not test enough preservatives, we cannot conclude if synthetic preservatives or organic preservatives are more successful.

Research Done By:

Andrea Bendert
Warren Mott

Lynette Lukomski