Comparing Hydroponics and Aquaponics

The purpose of our experiment was to compare a hydroponics system and an aquaponics system. Hydroponics is growing plants without soil. An aquaponic system is a hydroponic system using organisms in water. We set up a hydroponics system, using miracle grow as this systems fertilizer. The aquaponics system was set up with goldfish that produced the nutrients that the plants in this system needed for growth. In both systems cuttings from Hedrea plants were used. For five weeks we made observations about the plants and measured the heights to see how much they had grown. We also took a measurement of the amout of roots that grew on each plant. We found that the plants in the aquaponics system grew higher than the plants in the hydroponics system. The Hedrea plants in the aquaponics system also had a significantly larger amount of roots and fewer plants in the aquaponics system died. This allowed us to conclude that when growing Hedrea plant cuttings, an aquaponics system is more effective.

Research Done By:

Eric Lerchenfeld
Warren Mott

Nicole Yuhase
Warren Mott

Beth Zane
Warren Mott