The Effect of Chemical and Organic Fertilizers on the Growth of Bean Plants Relating to Height, Greeness and Mass

In our experiment we grew 60 bean plants for 4 weeks and fertilized 20 with a chemical fertilizer, 20 with an organic fertilizer, and 20 that had no fertilizer applied. Each week we recorded the heights of each plant. At the end of 4 weeks, we took final height measurements, measured the greenness level of the highest leaf on each plant, and removed each plant from the soil and massed it. We then compared the averages of each of the three groups within each factor, and subjected the data from each group to two-sample T-tests to find out if each group's data was from the same population as another group. Our results were that the chemical group showed the highest numbers in the heights and mass measurements, and the organic group showed the highest numbers in the greenness measurements. The two-sample T-tests showed that the data could not be conclusively shown to be from two distinct populations. In only two tests, which compared greenness, was there any significance.

Research Done By:

Chris Avery
New Haven

John Wessel