The Effects of Magnetism on the Growth and Development of Bean Plants

For our experiment, we studied the effects of magnetism on the growth and development of bean plants. We chose this topic because magnetic fields affect the everyday life of all living organisms. In some countries they are also beginning to test the effects of magnetism as a new method of agricultural cultivation. During our experimentation, we magnetized the seeds before planting them. We grew our plants for four weeks, measuring the height of each plant at the end of the four-week period. We also wrote down observations about the color, thickness, and leaves of the plants that were growing during the four-week period. Our results show a trend that magnetism has a negative effect on plant growth. We cannot be sure because we did not have many data points and there could have been some error. These results do not agree with what we found during research, which means that our experimental process should be revised and tested again to see if we will get the same results.

Research Done By:

Melissa Bartle

John Morgan