The Effects of Soil Type, H2SO4, and Fertilizer on the Growth of Bean Plants

We studied how different combinations of factors effect bean plant growth. For our experiment we used Michigan Peat Humus with a high nutrient level and White Sand with a low nutrient level to test differing soil types. Also, we used high and low concentrations of both H2SO4 (similar to acid rain) and Frank's Grow fertilizer in order to test the effects of these growing factors. We hypothesized that the experimental group with peat humus, low H2SO4, and high fertilizer would result in the greatest amount of growth. We grew our plants initially and then treated them, so as to allow germination to not interfere with the treatment results. Since we recorded our values daily, we observed the different changes in growth between each group. In using a three-factor Design of Experiment to analyze our results, the hypothesized result was proven. We, therefore, showed that bean plants grown in high nutrient levels of soil, low H2SO4, and high fertilizer result in the greatest growth.

Research Done By:

Debra Smouse
Lake Shore

Diane Brnjac