The Effects of Antibacterial Soaps on Hand Bacteria

We wanted to determine what type of antibacterial soap had the greatest effect on hand bacteria. Using a lotion soap as our control, we decided to test an expensive soap (dial) and an inexpensive soap (target brand). We did this by streaking twenty petri-dishes, divided up into three equal sections, with a specific hand bacteria. We then added coffee filter circles soaked in a different soap to each section of the petri-dish. Using proper technique, we measured the zone of inhibition around each coffee filter. We measured the zone of inhibition using the same procedure for all three soaps in each of the twenty dishes. The results were that the inexpensive Target soap had the greatest effect on hand bacterial. We concluded that the price is not the greatest factor when it comes to choosing the most effective product.

Research Done By:

Maha Hassan
Center Line

Tina Tesnow
Center Line