The Effect of Gibberlic Acid on the Growth of Bean Plants

The effect of Gibberellic acid on the growth of bean plants was studied. For our experiment we applied Gibberellic acid to the seeds of the bean plants using the Bertrand Method. After applying the Gibberellic acid we planted the seeds in planting soil. Our hypothesis was that the plants grown from the seeds with the Gibberellic acid applied to them would grow to be larger than the plants grown from seeds without Gibberellic acid added to them. Observations were taken daily in order to record the change in our plants throughout the experiment. We massed each of the plants after a fifteen day growing cycle and recorded the results. We used the descriptive method to analyze our results, and in doing so we proved our hypothesis to be correct. Because of this, we showed that Gibberellic acid does increase the growth of bean plants.

Research Done By:

Patrick Campbell
Sterling Heights High School

Nick Shaheen
Sterling Heights High School