Comparing The Effectiveness of Mouthwashes on Bacteria Growth

Which mouthwash, Listerine or Scope, is more effective at reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth? We designed an experiment in order to answer this question. We measured the number of bacteria colonies remaining after treatment with Listerine, Scope, or distilled water, the control. To do this we dipped swabs into the mouthwash and swabbed the mouths of 41 test subjects. We then took the swabs and streaked an agar plate to grow bacteria. The less number of bacteria growing after one day, the more effective the mouthwash was. After performing our experiment, we found that the average number of colonies treated with Listerine was less than the average number of colonies treated with Scope. We also found that both Listerine and Scope were more effective than distilled water.

Research Done By:

Joshua Bell

Danae Willenberg
L'Anse Creuse North