The Difference in the DNA Strand Lengths of Red and White Onions

We measured the distance that DNA strands traveled in centimeters during gel electrophoresis for red and white onions to determine if there was a difference in the distance they traveled, which indicated a difference in DNA strand length. First, we extracted DNA from both the red and white onions that was then dyed and placed in the wells of the electrophoresis gels. The electricity was run through the gel and visible blue lines appeared that indicated the maximum distance the DNA traveled during the electrophoresis. The distance was measured in centimeters and recorded. We found that the DNA of red and white onions had different strand lengths. We concluded that white onions had longer DNA strand lengths, since the DNA from the white onion was not able to travel as far.

Research Done By:

Carleen Costy
Warren Mott High School

Krista Willard
Warren Mott High School