The Effect Of Industrial Pollution on Soil pH

The purpose of this research project was to determine if the average soil pH upwind of an industrial center, the city of Ypsilanti, was more alkaline then the average soil pH downwind of the industrial center. 80 random soil samples were taken and tested with a soil pH tester eight to ten miles west and east of Ypsilanti. The average soil pH upwind of Ypsilanti was shown to be significant and greater (more alkaline) then the average soil pH downwind of Ypsilanti. Therefore, the soil pH results are from different populations and with a difference between upwind and downwind samples. Based on the data, its probable wind carried air pollution downwind where it was deposited in the soil, increasing its acidity.

Research Done By:

Matt DeBeul
Warren Mott

Michael Kwarcinski
Sterling Heights High School