The Effects of Elodea Densa on Dissolved Oxygen Levels

Our experiment involved measuring the dissolved oxygen levels in distilled water with the presence of elodea densa. We hypothesized that the dissolved oxygen would increase in the presence of elodea densa. Half of our set-ups had the plants in sealed jars, while the other half did not. The amount of dissolved oxygen present was measured for ten days using oxygen probes. We recorded the average amount of dissolved oxygen for each set-up and analyzed the results in a graph displaying the change of dissolved oxygen over time. The amount of dissolved oxygen present in the experimental set-up greatly increased while the level of dissolved oxygen in the control set-up decreased due to fungi growth. In conclusion, we found that the presence of elodea densa in water increases the dissolved oxygen level in the water, supporting our hypothesis.

Research Done By:

Heidi Howes
Lakeview High School

Mimi Nguyen
Sterling Heights High School