The Effect of Fat Burners on the Growth of Radish Plants

The objective of this experiment was to determine if administering fat burning drugs containing the active ingredient chromium picolinate would have an effect on the growth of radish plants. The hypothesis was that if fat burning drugs were administered to one group of radish plants, then that group would be smaller than the group of radishes that did not receive the fat burner treatment. The radish plants were grown from seeds in two separate trays, one for each group, with thirty plants in each tray. The experimental group was watered daily with a fat burner and water mixture and the control group was watered with the same amount of tap water. The plant heights were measured every day time was available for twenty-five days. The plant heights of each group for Day 20, the last day of data collection, were used to create histograms and box plots to determine skewness and outliers. It was determined through data analysis that the fat burners had significant affect on the growth of the radish plants. The height of control group was notably larger than the height of the experimental group.

Research Done By:

Allison Rogalski
L'Anse Creuse North

Greg Wriston
Centerline High School