The Effect of Sucrose and Sodium Chloride on Escherichia Coli

The objective of this experiment was to determine if sucrose and sodium chloride would have an effect on Escherichia coli. I hypothesized that if I varied the concentrations of sucrose and sodium chloride on Escherichia coli, then the 0.03M sucrose solution would inhibit the Escherichia coli growth the most. I treated the E. coli with five different solutions. The solutions were all possible combinations of high, medium, and low solutions with sucrose and sodium chloride. I grew the E. coli in an incubator for 24 hours and then counted the number of bacteria colonies. I used a 2-Factor D.O.E. to analyze my experiment, and from that, I concluded that both sucrose and sodium chloride affect the growth of bacteria both separately and together.

Research Done By:

Nicole Bresinski
Cousino High School