The Effects Of Transformation On E. Coli

This experiment was looking to find the best conditions under which transformation in E.coli could take place. The Lux gene was introduced to the E.coli through transformation in hopes that the traits of the Lux gene would be present in the offspring. The pH of the agar and the time the bacteria were incubated were the two factors the experiment tested to determine the best suitable conditions for the traits being passed on. The bacterium was checked at 24 hour increments for three days to record the results of the growth. The amount of colonies that grew with the specific Lux traits became the data and was counted for each trial. From the data a t-test and descriptive diagram were able to be produced to find the percent growth of bacteria that had undergone transformation. Through prior knowledge the ideal conditions were predicted to be ones with high pH and high incubation time.

Research Done By:

Justin Carleton
Warren Mott High School

Kamil Poplawski
Warren Mott High School