How Do Different Amounts of Penicillin Affect the Growth of Escherichia Coli?

The purpose of this research project was to determine whether varying amounts of the same concentration of Penicillin discs had an effect on the growth of Escherichia coli. Our objective was to determine, which quantity of Penicillin had the largest radius of non-bacterial growth. The experiment was conducted by taking forty samples of E. coli and implementing three differing amounts (1 full disc, ½ disc, and ¼ disc) of Penicillin prior to the growth of the E. coli. Resulting from this experiment, we found that the full disc of Penicillin had a greater effect upon the growth of E. coli bacteria than the ½ disc and the ¼ disc of Penicillin. In addition, we determined that the ½ disc of Penicillin had a greater effect than the ¼ disc of Penicillin. Our calculations coincided with the findings of today's medical and biological research.

Research Done By:

Chris Gentz
Lakeview High School

Ryan Mlynarek
Sterling Heights High School