The Affect of Goldfish (CARASSIUS AURATUS) on the Percent of Chloroplast in Elodea Densa

This experiment sought to determine the affect of goldfish (Carassius auratus) on the percentage of chloroplast in Elodea (Elodea densa). To accomplish this we set up eighty-four quart-sized mason jars with 800mL of dechlorinated water and approximately four grams of Elodea densa. Fifty-four of the jars also contained one goldfish that weighed between one and two grams. After two weeks the percent of chloroplast was determined by differential centrifugation, which isolated the chloroplasts. We ran a two sample T-test using the percent of chloroplast to calculate a p-value of .899, which means there was not a significant difference between the percent of chloroplast in the control and experimental group.

Research Done By:

Amy Alter
Lake Shore High School

Erika Pike
Lake Shore High School