The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether antibacterial clothing actually inhibits the growth of bacteria as compared to cotton and wool. The experiment consisted of introducing cotton, wool, and microban cloth (antibacterial material) to a solution of Micrococcus Luteus. After each piece of cloth was dipped into the solution of bacteria, they were placed in a Petri dish with agar and set to incubate for forty-eight hours. A total of forty trials were performed on each type of cloth. Then the bacteria growth on and around the piece of cloth was measured with calipers to determine the zone of inhibition, by taking two cross sections of the sample. These measurements (in mm2) were then put into an ANOVA test, which showed that the all three of the population means differed significantly. Three two-sample t tests were then performed between each of the clothes and showed that no cloth had similar bacteria growth on them. However, no bacteria were found on the microban material, therefore we concluded that the microban material indeed inhibits bacteria growth.

Research Done By:

Jeff Hoard
Sterling Heights High School

Julie Reno
Warren Woods Tower High School