Effect of Hand Sanitizer on Bacillus Subtilis

The purpose of our experiment was to determine the effect that Purell Hand Sanitizer had on the bacteria found in septic tanks (Bacillus Subtilis). If Purell Hand Sanitizer reduces the number of bacteria in the septic tanks, then this could possibly lead to the build up of waste and clogging of septic systems. In order to accomplish our objective, we cultivated the Bacillus Subtilis that is found in RID-X. We applied concentrations of 0.0%, 0.5%, and 1.0% concentrations of Purell Hand Sanitizer to the Bacillus Subtilis. We then allowed these colonies to grow in Petri dishes containing Tryptic Soy Agar until they were fully grown. The resulting data showed that the 1.0% concentration proved to yield the smallest number of colonies.

Research Done By:

David Carlson
Warren Mott High School

Michael Stockton
Lake Shore High School